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This company came into existence in Wenzhou where is one of scutcheon native places , develops in the Wujiang where is the scutcheon capital.
For facilitating general customer in the Shanghai and on the general customer's invitation and the request, simultaneously also to develop the Shanghai product label market, prepares for the Asian market, after the headquarters research decision, in October 10, 2004, was tenable “ Shanghai Unique Elegant Manufacture Co.,LTD” in the new Pudong District of Shanghai. And the special area for processing export products in January 10, 2005 in the Pudong gold bridge to be tenable "Shanghai Unique Elegant factory" establishes the second subsidiary company December 1, 2005 in the Shanghai Songjiang District area " Shanghai new unusual Elegant Manufacture Co.,LTD " presently to have staff more than 300, above specialized undergraduate course scientific researchers 23 people.
The our company bold exploration, studies assiduously, the development innovation unceasingly, the introduction advanced equipment, consummates the manufacture craft, the development novel product, in the product label profession, it may be said "hundreds of flowers, outshines others", has added together the gorgeous scenery line for our country's product label profession.
The company introduces advanced product label production line three, the total investment 5 million Yuan, specialized production each fashion is novel, fine unusual metal and nonmetallic product label.
Welcome the general new old customers discussion cooperation, the instruction to suggest, the communal development wholeheartedly!
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